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“Mikoshi” of the “Matsuri” festival

“Mikoshi” which is a carrying portable shrine parade through the village on the final day of the Ohgamiyama-jinja Shinto shrine’s annual festival,
Everyone enjoyed “Matsuri”
Super fun day!

"Miyadashi" refers to taking the portable shrine outside the shrine's premises.


Portable shrine parade through the village.


"Miyairi" refers to the entry of the portable shrine into the shrine's premises after the visits.

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Sumo tournament of the annual Matsuri festival

Annual Matsuri festival of Ohgamiyama-jinja Shrine was held on the 1st to the 3rd of November.
On the first day, we had Kid’s Sumo tournament and Girl’s tournament which resumed for the first time in 13 years.
And Men’s tournament was held on the second day.

There is a real sumo ring at the shrine.
Everyone fight very seriously and the spectators get really lively when a good fight.


adorable kids sumo


adorable kids sumo


even girls get very serious


even girls get very serious


powerful mens fight


full with spectators

※ Images displayed with approval of the people whom in these images.

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The athletic meet of the Island


Today was the athletic meeting that everyone was looking forward to!
The athletic meet of the island is a joint athletic meet of elementary school, junior high school and high school. It’s also a big event of the island with a program of islanders participation.

The weather was mostly cloudy with occasional rain, weather forecast for thunderstorms by afternoon. . .
Everyone wanted weather forecast to be off today, but rain started full swing from lunch break. When the first program in the afternoon started, the rain became heavier, and the high school students worked hard for cheerleading and cheering team's performance with getting soaked!

The athletic meeting was finally canceled and the afternoon program was postponed to the next Sunday.
Wish we will enjoy postponed athletic meet under the beautiful blue sky on next Sunday!





High school students were working so hard under the heavy rain.

※ Images displayed with approval of the girls parents.

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Special photographic exhibition for the 45th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan. 日本・モンゴル外交関係樹立45周年記念特別写真展

Jap uzesgelen poster_s

The special photographic exhibition of Japanese photographer will be held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia as a part of the commemorative events of the 45th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan.

MANA Nomoto is the one of the selected exhibitor. Please visit the gallery, if you are in Ulan Bator, Mongolia during the period of the exhibition.

Sponsor:United Association of Mongolian Photographers
Cosponsor:The Photographic Society of Japan, Executive Committee of The Month of Photography Tokyo 2017
Supporter:Embassy of Mongolia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

Place:Q Art Gallery (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
    Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul district, "Bella Vista" town
Exhibition period:Oct. 11, 2017 to Oct. 18, 2017

Exhibitors:Atsushi Imamoto, Yoji Kato, Takaki Terasawa, Mana Nomoto, Sanae Numata, Tomoya Yamazaki, Tetsuro Shimizu, Keiko Matsumoto, Norio Fukui, Takemi Hatsuse

MANA 野元学も出展写真家として選ばれています。期間中にモンゴル・ウランバートルにご滞在の方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひご覧ください。

共催:公益社団法人 日本写真協会 、「東京写真月間2017」実行委員会

会場:Q Art Gallery (モンゴル・ウランバートル)
   Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul district, "Bella Vista" town

出展写真家 (敬称略・順不同)
  今本 淳、加藤庸二、寺沢孝毅、MANA 野元学、秦 達夫、沼田早苗、山﨑友也、

「写真の日」記念写真展入賞選抜作品展 20点

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Ogasawara Yacht Race 2017

Ogasawara Yacht Race 2017” has started from Futami Bay, Chichi-jima under a beautiful blue sky like a summer.
Twelve yacht compete for a 500-mile open ocean race for the finish line at Koajiro in Miura Peninsula.
You can check the current position of the race boat with the tracking system.

Ogasawara Yacht Race 2017 Official web-site

tracking system


小笠原ヨットレース2017 公式サイト







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